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The latest issue of Citizens' Bandwidth Magazine is now available for download. Bandwidth Magazine


Search Engine.
Please note that this site has an all-in-one search engine. You may use the search box on any page to search for pages on this site and look for dealers, clubs and related pages on other Web sites in our database.
Just type in keywords and click the button to have all these searches done in one go. For dealer searches you may enter an area code, town, city, etc.
We hope that this makes searching easier than separate pages and confusing options.

For those who have difficulty with issues such as small text, this site is now being given accessibility options.
This is still in the early stages, with just text size selection. We would like to hear suggestions from anyone having problems with this site.
A link to the settings page has been placed in the footer of each page.

Site restructure.
With the extra demands of the magazine Web site, it has been decided to restructure the existing sites. To optimize space and bandwidth requirements, many resources are now shared between the sites.
This restructure will also include the removal of any diagram and manual downloads on this site. There are no plans to remove the diagram search engine, but this site will be focused on providing information through Web pages.
The plan is to move the diagram and manual downloads to a new site, specially for specifications, diagrams and manuals.

Slow down.
Due to the time taken working on the magazine, new content for this site may be slow coming. However, the new magazine and it's associated site should provide more than enough material for those interested in CB radio.
Much of the new content for this site will pass via the magazine first, before appearing here. As magazine contributors may retain their copyrights, only magazine content supplied by this site may appear here.

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